Unprecedented peace-times

Thank you for reaching out to the home of the Conservative Party (UK) in Sweden.

As I am sure you are all aware, we are in an unprecedented peace-time crisis with COVID-19 affecting peoples’ lives all over the world. This is not a drill. We are at serious risk to the symptoms that COVID-19 pose, especially to those in the ‘at-risk groups’ or those over 70.

Starting last night (2020-03-23), when first visiting the main site, visitors are now shown an urgent message from myself regarding the ‘lockdown’ of the UK, as well as advising any British nationals who may be on holiday here in Sweden/Scandinavia to, if possible and safe to do so, return home.

The red banner at the top of the screen links you to the official advice from the UK Government, and once the Swedish Government release more information on their battle against the COVID-19 virus, we will of course update this website as soon as humanly possible.

What I want to reiterate to British holidaymakers or citizens living in Sweden – you are not alone. The Conservatives, the UK Government and I will do our utmost to protect our British citizens, even those living abroad. You are not, and will never be alone.

If you require urgent assistance, please contact the British Embassy in Stockholm in the first instance, alternatively please email us on our dedicated COVID-19 response account; covid@conservatives.se – please bear in mind that we are getting lots of messages now, and while we will reply to you, we will have to prioritise the most urgent situations first.

I am not going to do a daily blog, people don’t need that, but I will be posting urgent updates and a blog every other day or so on the fight against CoronaVirus.

In the mean time, please heed advice and Stay Home, Save Lives.

Yours always

Country Representative and Branch Chairman

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