Sweden is generally considered to be divided into 3 ‘lands’. Each land consists of several provinces, or counties.

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Literally translated to “Northland”. This is the most northern part of Sweden, which is also the largest of the three lands.

It covers 60% of the total land area of Sweden, containing 9 provinces – counties.

The three most northern counties are commonly referred to as Övre Norrland (Upper Northland), while the rest are known as Nedre Norrland (Lower Northland).

Situated in Övre Norrland, you will find the home of Santa and his reindeer, Lappland (Lapland).


Translated to “Swealand”, or “Land of the Swedes”. The central, and smallest portion of Sweden containing just six counties.

Svealand also houses Sweden’s administrative centre.


“Gothenland”, “Gothia” or “Land of the Geats”, the last, and southern part of Sweden. Götaland, as Norrland, also houses the most counties with their number coming in at 10. It is also the most densely populated part of Sweden.

While the lands have no administrative function or coats of arms, like the counties, they are commonly used by the media when referring to different parts of the country.